Diverse Talent Search believe that we must inspire the employees and job applicants of the future. We believe that allowing young people to see themselves in all areas of society, increases their chances of future success. We’ve all heard the stories of people feeling careers and companies are not for them because they don’t fit the ‘mould’ or ‘culture’. We want to help create a society where diversity and inclusion build environments to allow everybody to be themselves. We also believe that protected characteristics should never determine a person’s future or aspirations.

With this in mind, we commit to helping to make a difference in these 3 areas:

Young girl using laptop


Nearly 2 million households in the UK do not have access to the internet or devices with internet access. This means several children and young people, can’t access the materials needed to further their education. 

We’d like to help give these people get the equipment they need to follow their dreams.

Teacher and pupils in class


Education and mentorship both play a vital role in the development of young people. Providing them with the best tools for the advancement of their education, coupled with long-lasting, tailored mentorship programmes, increase their chances of success. 

We fully acknowledge the value of both and offer our support where needed. 

Children at football practice


We should be free to enjoy the mental and physical health benefits that sport can offer. Nobody should feel that a sport isn’t for them based on gender, race, sexuality or anything else. 

We’re interested in supporting individuals and teams in creating and maintaining inclusive environments. 

If you feel that we can help you make positive change in any of these areas please get in contact.