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Diverse Talent Search was established to address underrepresentation and increase diversity within the UK’s workforce. Research shows that some groups within society are experiencing more challenges than others with job applications and recruitment processes. We want to level the playing field for all and help you secure the roles you deserve. 

We are committed to building meaningful and long-lasting relationships with you. We endeavour to provide a personalised recruitment journey that connects you with the right opportunities. We’re focussed on matching you with forward-thinking organisations that will help you develop the career you want. Diversity and Inclusion are more than buzzwords to us. 

Most importantly to us, you’re already so important and inspirational to children and candidates of the future. We believe that increases in diversity and inclusion, candidates will no longer worry if opportunities are right for ‘people like me’. 

Women, LGBTQ+,  ethnic minorities  and people with disabilities are underrepresented in the UK workforce

○ Highly skilled workers are being overlooked in the labour market 

○ The importance of diversity and inclusion for working culture and personal development 

○ The effect of diversity & inclusion has on social mobility 

○ Your desire for fair and equal recruitment processes & outcome

○ Get to know you and what you need

○ Provide opportunities for career growth and progression 

○ Consistently promote the value of diversity and inclusion to our clients 

○ Maintain fair processes, free from bias and discrimination

Connecting candidates to jobs that are right for them regardless of race, gender, disability or sexual orientation