Matching talent with opportunity through promoting Diversity & Inclusion.

Diverse Talent Search are a recruitment agency with a passion for Diversity & Inclusion. Our goal is to address underrepresentation in the workplace. We understand the importance of diversity in both business and wider society. We are devoted to promoting social mobility, whilst helping our clients unlock the benefits that an inclusive culture offers.

Diversity in numbers across the UK

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100 %

of people employed in the IT industry are women 

100 %

of FTSE 100 businesses have zero board members from ethnic minorities

100 %

of people within the LGBTQ+ community hide their sexuality in the workplace

0 %

more applications have to be submitted by some minority ethnic groups, just to receive a call back

Here at Diverse Talent Search we are devoted to making a change to statistics like these. 

We believe that through providing recruitment processes free from discrimination and unconscious bias, we will help create environments that are welcoming to all. We understand the damage discrimination and underrepresentation has on businesses and people within the community and we’re committed to making a difference.

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